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Hi, I'm Hannah!


A few years ago I partnered with the fastest-growing haircare company in the world. That is where my creative brain took flight. Prior to getting into the entrepreneur world, I worked with at-risk youth in a variety of organizations. While my creative brain would be working in that field, it was slightly different. I have since left the juvenile industry to pursue my other passions full-time. Some of those are the beauty industry, logo design, and brand development.

I live in a small suburb of Fort Worth, Texas with my amazing partner; Cody, and our two dogs Luna and Chief. My idea around what I do is that everything is tailored to you and your business. Everything I produce is unique and meant to stand out in the crowd. 

I am the founder of H Design Collaborative aka The Collaborative. Doing logo design and brand development has always fascinated me. There is something about bringing business ideas to life via the perfect logo and branding that really ignites my soul!

Whether you're here to start your haircare business, get on a new hair/skin routine, or need some help with your logo and branding, I am here to help with any and all needs!  


Fort-Worth, TX

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