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  • Hannah Giffen

Acne 101

I would like to start off by saying, in no way am I a professional. I am just here to provide you with some tips and tricks that I have found to be beneficial. It is always good to consult your dermatologist before doing a complete overhaul of your skincare!

Adult acne is probably one of the worst things. Some struggle with it, some are fortunate to not have to! A little something about me...I was diagnosed with Inflammatory PCOS a few years ago. That diagnoses comes with a lot of things, one of my least favorite being acne. Deep, painful, cystic acne. If you've had it, you know how much that type of acne SUCKS!

I have tried it all. Proactive, Tula, Curology, prescription creams/washes, and all of the horrible drug store products I feel like we have all been victimized I right?! Well about 8 months ago I tried something new. I was extremely hesitant because this skincare line, is not even marketed towards acne. In fact, it is an anti-aging line, never marketed to acne. LOL. What was I thinking right? Turns out, it is what my skin needed!

Here are the things I started out with:

-Be Balanced Foamy Cleanser

-Skin Revitalizing Essence(this is different from a toner!)

-C Radiance Serum AM

-Rewind Age Control Nectar PM

-Sun Veil Face Sunscreen AM

-Be Balanced Moisturizer PM

-Berry Scrub 1x per week

Who knew an anti-aging skincare line would take my skincare to the next level?! The last 8 months was a little bit of an experiment and I am beyond pleased with the results!

I have since started using a few products from Face Reality Acne line as well! I now use a Sal C Toner, Acne Med Spot Treatment, and Hydrabalance Gel. Adding in these few products has taken my blemishes away, while my Monat Skincare keeps my skin hydrated, smooth, and feeling like I just got a facial!

If there is one thing you take away from this blog, let it be this. Sometimes straight acne lines can be way too drying or harsh. I have come to find out that by adding in a few new acne line products from Face Reality, my skin responds a lot more positive than ever before. Meanwhile, I am keeping my youthful look and minimizing my acne scars with my Monat skincare.

Trust the process friends!



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