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Amazon Must Haves; Baby Edition

Hello beauties!

I don't know about y'all but I feel like there are so many "amazon must have" influencer videos full of products that ya know, the every day human really wouldn't benefit from. So I have decided to create a few posts-obviously this will be on going- of items from Amazon that I have bought and still actually use!

Each post will cover a different topic and with a babe on the way, why not start it out with baby products?! Obviously I have not used these products yet but I do have them on hand, have done extensive research and have full faith I will use all of these. Each item will be linked to the name of the product that will take you directly to it on Amazon.

1) The Haakka: This guy is a manual silicone breast pump that is crucial to starting off your breast feeding journey and also helping with clogged ducts! Its designed for everyone in mind and is super easy to clean-just add boiling water to the inside and let sit for 5 minutes. This is something that is affordable and can help in a pinch if you're having issues with your electric pump.

2) Frida Mom Peri Bottle: Obviously I have yet to use this because little gal has not arrived yet. However, I have done my research. The trauma that happens "down there" during birth can make things painful after you use the bathroom. Other peri bottles are built a little funky...aka straight. This one is curved, allowing you to be able to get your areas clean with ease. This is a must have for many reasons and is affordable! If you're planning to get the Frida Mom Postpartum kit, keep an eye out, some of them don't come with the peri bottle!

3) Nasal Aspirator:Little boogies in newborns noses are not so little to them and can cause massive issues. There are TONS of these aspirators and this one comes down to cost and preference. I am NOT ever going to be sucking the other end of a tube to get boogies out...which is what you do with the Frida Baby aspirator. No thank you, not my jam. This one is used in hospitals and is only $3.99 so you really can't beat it. To me, for this, simple is better.

4) Cloth Diaper Inserts:No no, not for diapering. To use as burp cloths! I have felt actual burp cloths and I am not sure how moms ever use those. They are thin and seem like they would not absorb anything. These cloth diaper inserts have a trifold, they are extremely soft, they cover your entire chest area and are actually absorbing! Yes, I have test it out with water and I am fully confident in their ability to contain spit up.

5) Fisher Price Smart Bassinet: Now this one is on the pricey side and honestly my babe might not like it. I feel like things like this are a hit or miss with each baby. However, this is why we got this one. We have a queen bed so bed sharing isn't happening. This thing is next level and on the cheaper end of the smart bassinets. You can control it with your phone and create settings that will automatically turn on when baby starts crying. There are 3 different vibration settings, a plethora of nature sounds and classical sounds to soothe babe, motion activate light so you don't trip over it and a little light on the inside of the bassinet to make it easy to see your sweet sleeper. Again, hit or miss if baby will like this but honestly for us, it is our only option for bedside sleeping and it is not bulky at all.

That is all for now but keep an eye out! I have tons more items I will be more willing to share about after we use them. These are just the few I felt confident enough in sharing without using them yet.



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