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Amazon Must Haves-Car Edition

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Recently I have discover some amazing amazon finds and I thought Id share! Click the title to be taken to the product directly :)

  1. Car Trash Bags! These are so great for road trips and can fold up super small for when you aren't using them. I hang mine on the back of the front seats so I can easily reach behind and put my trash in.

  2. Car Vacuum! This was a game changer for me on a recent road trip! This thing actually works and is able to clean up a decent amount of dog hair. All ya do is turn your car on, plug it in and vacuum away! It comes with a bunch of different hose types, extra filter, and has a cord long enough to reach in the back of an SUV!

  3. Simple Phone Mount! I was super surprised by this one! I thought, "its so small and lightweight there is no way its going to work" Super easy to install and very simple. Put the magnet on your phone or phone case, place the other magnet where you want on your car, and tada! Simple, sleek, not bulky phone mount at a great price!

That's all for this week! Check back next week for my favorite amazon home finds!

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