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Amazon Must Haves; Home Edition

This might be my favorite post I have done in a long time! These are all some of the most amazing home finds that have truly made my soul so happy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

1) All Season Microfiber Comforter: This is a down alternative and so incredibly soft!I have spent years trying to find the "perfect" duvet insert and let me tell you...this is it. It keeps the bed looking so plush and nice but also soft enough to be used on its own. Incredibly easy to wash and keeps me warm but never too hot! I have yet to have any temperature issues in the last few months of having this on our bed...and you really cannot beat the price on this.

2) Turkish Hand Towels: You cannot tell me that you have bought pretty kitchen towels that are NOT to be used for really anything other than drying your hands...and they actually don't get used for anything other than that. At first I bought these because they were unique and fit my I buy more because these can be used for all things. Cleaning the counter, drying hands, drying dishes etc and they actually don't get ruined. Obviously, if you use bleach products...your towels are going to get ruined. These would also be great in a bathroom and are seriously so durable!

3) 2-Tier Organizer: These are advertised for bathroom use, but I am telling you....get them for everything! These will help you quickly organize under the sinks, pantry and that dreadful hall closet we all have for towels, sheets and other miscellaneous items. Baby bottles? organized. Bathroom toiletries? organized. Canned goods? organized. Snacks? organized. Wash cloths? organized. These are also very reasonably priced in my opinion!

4) Reusable Lint Roller: This ChomChom Reusable Lint roller is a game changer. For literally everything. If you are like me and don't have a fancy dyson that has a smaller hand held attachment, vacuuming your sofa can be quite the work out. Take this bad boy to literally all furniture and get rid of hair, lint, dust in a matter of seconds. We have two dogs that shed massively and this is a quick clean up. Also doubles as a car cleaner! I have found its a little big for clothes, but that's just me!

The theme for this series is practical. I do my best to find things that double as practical and aesthetically pleasing and I think I really hit gold with these items! Almost all of these things are usually on sale or included in prime day keep your eye out!



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