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Amazon Must Haves; Postpartum Edition

Before we get into I will not be going into wild detail on why these are a must. Just trust.

Frida Mom PP Kit: This is $46 and worth every penny! There is one for a hospital stay with extra things like a gown and socks, but honestly, I prefer my own jammies. This kit does not come with the peri bottle and that is another must have! The Frida Mom Peri is curved and way easier than the regular bottles. I would also get extra disposable undies! These are actually really sturdy without being too tight.

Earth Mamma Nipple Butter: Let me tell you...even if you aren't need this. I have put this on my chapped lips and cuticles and it has saved everything! It is also breastfeeding safe...meaning you don't need to wash it off before feeding time. I will literally carry this around forever just for chapped lips!

Earth Mamma Perineal Spray: Some people recommend the tucks pads over this. Here's why I don't...I could barely stand having a pad down there. Not because of pain but because it was annoying. So a nice spray that avoids adding to the bulky pad was right up my alley!

Sitz Bath: This is another "postpartum" thing I will now be keeping on hand forever. This did soothe and really make a huge difference after. This would be another item I would add to my "sick day must haves" as well. Everyone needs this!

Honey Pot PP Pads: These right here. GAME CHANGER. Again...I was personally not a huge fan of having a whole bunch of extra things added to the lovely PP diaper LOL. These are herbal infused with Mint, Lavender, and Aloe. No chlorine, fragrances or pesticides. Ever heard of the aloe and witch hazel padsicle? Yeah well this is that but without freezing your hooha off and then getting the melted aloe and witch hazel all over the place.

Heating Pad: This was something I didn't expect but was so glad I had. When my milk came in I immediately go clogged ducts. This heating pad was a game changer for that. Also...can we talk about the postpartum shakes?! I am not sure if everyone gets them but I had the shakes like no ones business and they are PAINFUL. Basically...your body shakes uncontrollably and for me, every muscle in my body was sore for days. So when the shakes happened, everything hurt. Being able to sit on this heating pad not only help the shakes but, helped the discomfort down there.

A few things you might be thinking I missed on here. Breast pads. I can 100% see why these would come in handy, I just haven't gotten them and probably won't. Silverettes. No need for these or cool packs when I have the earth mamma nipple butter.

Next up on the blog! My sick season must haves for adults and infants/kiddos!

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