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Excuses Excuses Excuses....

Before we begin, I want to preface this with; if your ego is fragile, this will royally piss you off. If your ego is fragile, you should probably read this a billion times.

If you read my blogs regularly, get ready. You will start to see a shift. An unfiltered, no bull shit approach is on its way. I've normally censored myself a little because I know I have family that reads these. Sorry not sorry, I am growing something bigger and it is time I step out into who and what I want to be. There's your warning...let's begin!

Excuses. We have all had one or two or ten. A lot of us still have them and still use them literally every day. If you are an excuse giver, you have an incredibly weak mindset. You are not able to own your shit and tell it for what it is, or rather what it is not. A priority. Whatever the excuse, it is actually just because that task was not a priority to you. I think this goes without saying but, car accidents, plane crashes, things like that are not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about being late to work. Skipping the workout. Eating like shit day after day. Missing the meeting.

You didn't skip the workout because you had a headache. You skipped the workout because it was not a priority. If it was a priority, you would've had some water, ibuprofen if that's your jam, and muscled up and done the workout. But it was not a priority so you told yourself you had a headache and didn't have to do the workout. You weren't late to work because there was traffic. You were late to work because waking up early and accounting for traffic was not your priority. Period.

You didn't eat like shit every day this week because you are having a rough time. You ate like shit all week because your health was not your priority. Owning your shit, addressing the root cause of your feelings, and choosing to still eat healthy, was not a priority.

Excuses are YOU lying to yourself and whoever you tell the excuse to. Excuses are YOU not owning your shit and avoiding the hard things. Excuses are hard to live with and are without a doubt making you feel worse. Whether or not you are ready to accept that is on you, but it is the truth. The sooner you realize it, the better off you will be.

Let me tell you, if someone has the audacity to look me dead in the face and give me an excuse, my only response will be "I do not care". I do not care if you had a headache. I do not care if you slept through your alarm. I do not care. Is it harsh? I don't think it is. My time is valuable and me listening to your excuses is absolutely irrelevant to how I am going to use my time and live my day.

If you tell me, look waking up early today was not my priority and neither was working out. NOW THAT. That is something I can work with. I will want to help you break it down and figure out why it wasn't a priority and then figure out how to help you make it one. Owning your shit is hard. Saying things aren't a priority to you when you know damn well they should be is hard.

Take it day by day. Own your shit just one more day. Soon it will be easier to own your shit than it will be to give an excuse because excuses hurt way more than owning your shit. I know from experience.

Time to win the day.



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