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Limiting Postpartum Hair Fall

Did you know it is normal to experience excessive hair fall 3-4 months after a stressful event? Think about it. Moving, getting married(yes this can be stressful), having a baby, divorce, starting new job etc. Ever experience any of those and then notice more hair fall a few months later? That is 100% normal, but there are things you can do to limit it. You may notice I am not saying "hair loss". That is because this is not hair loss, it is hair fall. Simply meaning that the hair will grow back and the scalp is still active.

For postpartum hair fall, hormones are a HUGE factor. Specifically estrogen. When dealing with hormones...everything matters. What you eat/drink, the products you use, supplements you take etc. So here is what I am doing to limit my postpartum hair fall!

P.S. all of this can benefit EVERYONE and making these simple changes will truly make a difference in your hair.

Breakfast before coffee! Coffee can cause your body to release sugar into your bloodstream which can cause your pancreas to release insulin and can also cause an increase in cortisol...the hormone that regulates your blood sugar. When you (females in particular) add coffee on an empty stomach, it can impact how your body regulates everything. Caffeine in general can increase or decrease estrogen levels as well. So when your body is regulating everything as it should, it is a less stressful environment.

Hair care system scientifically designed to reduce hair fall by 92%. Your scalp is the reason you have unhealthy hair and lots of hair fall. An unhealthy scalp will always lead to poor hair quality.Having a hair care system in your routine designed to reduce hair fall and target your scalp to improve overall scalp health is a game changer! Another must...weekly oil treatments with my favorite oil. Again, this targets your scalp and when you have a healthy scalp your hair will look and feel healthy.

Nourishing foods! Real foods! I am doing my best to stay away from all the processed foods I can. What this looks like? Whole food. Real milk. Real cheeses. Real meats.Salts and minerals. Fruits and veggies. I am not following any diet plan or worrying about calorie intake. I am listening to my body and when my body says I'm hungry I will eat. Breastfeeding requires a lot of your body, so it is important to keep that in mind. If you realize you haven't eaten in a few hours...maybe make a meat and cheese plate with some fruits to snack on!

Last but not least, supplements! What am I taking on the daily? Beef Liver. In my opinion...this is the supplement of all supplements and everyone should take it. It is full of protein, vitamin B6 and B12, folate, choline, copper an hyaluronic acid. Also has a concentrated source of preformed vitamin A (retinol) for the greatest efficacy and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. Consider beef liver your new daily multivitamin that actually has things in it your body can digest and use effectively.

Simple changes in your lifestyle and diet can make massive improvements in your overall health and hair health. Postpartum hair fall can be really nerve racking and is often something most women really worry about. I hope these small changes can help you if you're struggling with hair fall!



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