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My 5 Must Have Apps!

These 5 apps are my go-to apps for every day content, design, and all things Instagram. They are all linked that will allow you to download them and dive right in!

Tezza: This is hands down my favorite app I have on my phone. If you take away anything from this post, let it be this app. Tezza has an abundance of features that are to die for. Stop motion options, grit and vintage filters, 8mm camera filter, and plenty of options for photo filters. You can apply those same filters to your videos, to give your profile a seamless aesthetic. This app is a monthly subscription but it is 100% worth it.

Splice: This is my secret weapon to all things Tik Tok's and Reels. Splice is a video editing app that allows you to seamlessly add, cut, or clip into one video. You can also add music, transitions, photo to help up your game in the video world. Although you can pay for this, you can also get it for free...there are just a few limitations.

UnFold: This. App. Is. A. Dream. This is the only app I use to create story template content. They have an amazing range of templates that you can add pictures and videos to. You can also create custom text to your templates for a beautiful aesthetic that will match all of your Tezza content. This is another app that is 100% worth the subscription.

Touch Retouch: If you have FaceTune...get rid of it and replace it with this one immediately. How many of you have been victimized by an over blur on your face?! I know I have, but not since I have used the Touch Retouch app. This app will remove any blemish and leave your picture still looking natural and untouched. You can also remove anything ugly from the background with an ease. Gross telephone wire? No worries! Say goodbye to an over blur and hello to your new best friend!

Planoly: I just started using this app again and I am here for it! If you are a busy bee like me...this is a BIG must have. This app helps me plan out ALL of my content and is so easy. Instagram stories? Plan it out. Instagram posts? Plan it out. You can also link your Pinterest page! Planoly free gives you a decent amount of options such as 2 profiles, 30 uploads/month, and comment inbox. When you upgrade to the subscription, you get a whole world of benefits. Unlimited uploads, analytics, share to FB/Twitter, auto post first comment, etc. Another app not needed to pay, but also worth it if you do!

It took me while to find my niche with my apps but since I have, my life has gotten a heck of a lot easier! Let me know in the comments if these are helpful!



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