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So You're Stuck? Read This.

Being stuck. It is going to happen. It doesn't matter what you do or who you are, that's a feeling that is inevitable. Is it different for everyone? Absolutely. Is how you get "unstuck" different for everyone? Sure. In a way it is. The foundation is not though.

Here's what I mean. If you are stuck, ask yourself these things;

-Why am I here?

-What decisions led me to this place?

-What/who am I doing this for?

-Is it still a passion, or has something else taken it's place?

If you are doing the personal development thing, you are always changing and growing. Which means your reasons for doing things might also be changing and growing. YOU might be OUTGROWING certain things in your life causing you to feel stuck. You challenged yourself to get there, go there, and now you're like "wtf...this is easy and now I don't know what to do".

Go back to the roots. Go back to what brought you to where you are. Challenge yourself again. The more you grow, the more you will have to challenge yourself and step into that unknown space. That space of discomfort. That is where the growth and success comes from. I used to think that was a horrible place to be, but it is quite frankly the best place to be.

That space will challenge you, break you down, pick you back up, and break you back down again. Until it doesn't. Until you get to the point where you feel stuck and need to level up again. Are you catching on yet? It is a cycle, and one that YOU are responsible for.

So go back to the roots. Get uncomfortable and fall in love with the idea that the space of discomfort is the space of growth and success. The key to getting unstuck.



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