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What You Water Will Always Grow.

We, as humans, are inherently negative. We are that way to protect ourselves from whatever that negativity is. The issue with that, what you water will always grow. So if you are watering the negative, the negative will always grow.

If you are only watering the negative, you will never be truly successful. Read that again.

When the negative creeps in, instead of focussing on that, focus on what you are grateful for. This not only forces you to leave the negative but acknowledge the good. Over time, you will be focusing on so much good that good is what is getting watered.

At the end of the day if you feel like you had a shit day, ask yourself this. "Was it a bad moment in time that I allowed myself to focus on throughout the day, causing it to be a bad day?" If not, cool. You genuinely had a bad day. Now what you need to do is learn from that bad day.

Don't get me wrong, there will be days that genuinely suck and you didn't do anything to cause that. That is life and will definitely happen to you if it hasn't already. The thing is, are you constantly focusing on those genuinely bad days? Or are you using those to your advantage and learning how to bless and release?

I guess this is where a disclaimer should go, so here it is: if your day consists of a tragedy that is out of your control, those are the days I am not talking about.

I am talking about the days where you get stuck in traffic and are late to work. Then get stuck in traffic on your way to the grocery store, encounter someone who is having a crappy day, get home and eat late, and go to bed upset. Those. Days. Are. Called. Life. If you cannot handle the trials of DAY to DAY life, you have a lot of inner soul searching to do.

Let me use my above example so you know what I mean by water the good.

Before: "I cannot believe I am stuck in traffic and will be late to work"

After: "I may be stuck in traffic but at least I have a car and I can take some time to jam out to my favorite song"

Before: "What the hell, I am stuck in traffic again and won't be able to pick up groceries in time for an early dinner"

After: "I have the means to buy my groceries and the means to cook them when I get home. That is pretty badass and I am doing well"

Before: "That person was such a bitch and just made me so angry!"

After: "Dang, it seems like that person is having a hard day. I'm going to send them some good vibes and hope their day turns around"

It is a simple switch of words that can literally turn your day from a negative blizzard into a grateful snow globe. Challenge yourself to be overly grateful for damn near everything, for a straight 10 days. Then let me know how you feel and if you have noticed anything else!

Be good to people.

XOXO, Hannah

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